Cultural and Emotional Intelligence Training

Some facts

  • 90% of leading executives from 68 countries identified cross cultural leadership as the top management priority for the next century – Economist Intelligence Unit 2006
  • 42% of managers fail in their overseas assignments with a lack of cultural intelligence being an important factor – Right Management 2015
  • 70% of international ventures fail because of cultural differences with a lack of cultural intelligence being an important factor – International Joint Ventures – Aimin Yang and Yadong Luo – 2000
  • A survey of British Council Human Resource employees in 9 countries found that a lack of cultural competency within an organization can lead to miscommunication and conflict with partners and among staff, contribute to high staff turnover, damage an organisation’s reputation and lead to project mistakes.

Cultural Intelligence training programs aim to enhance the capability of leaders, managers, professionals and service providers to work productively within a global, culturally diverse context in Australia and overseas. Programs are customized to your specific needs, timeframes and budgets but will generally include some or all of the four key elements of cultural intelligence:

  • Drive: What is your intention and purpose in working cross culturally? What challenges do you face? What part does culture play?
  • Knowledge: What is your knowledge of your personal biases, your own culture and the cultures of your partners, clients, customers or staff? How do cultural values shape personal and professional behaviour and the way business is done?
  • Strategy: What strategies do you have for bridging cultural gaps? For example, in resolving conflict, improving communications, negotiating agreements, managing staff, making decisions, developing marketing campaigns etc.
  • Action: What action do you need to take to enhance your capability and that of your organization to work cross culturally? How can you adapt your leadership and communication styles to a more diverse or different cultural context? What new skills do you need to develop?

Training Approach

Workshops are based on sound adult learning principles. The emphasis is on personal reflection, group enquiry, small group interaction and practice using examples and case studies relevant to the work contexts of participants.

Embedding Cultural Intelligence in Your Organisation

We encourage process that combines training and coaching over a period of 3-6 months.

Stage 1: Free Consultation and Submission

We meet to determine your organisational needs, time frames and budgets. Cultural Connexions designs and submits a CQ program which is likely to contain some of the following elements:

  • Training workshops
  • Individualised or small group coaching
  • Follow up webinars

Stage 2: CQ Assessment

A CQ Assessment tool is distributed to all workshop/coaching participants. This provides each participant with a report detailing their cultural intelligence strengths, areas of improvement, goals and action steps. This provides the basis for ongoing development and coaching support.

Stage 3: Training Program- Flexible Delivery

Training workshops can be delivered in half day, full day or two day sessions OR as discreet 2 hour modules.

Stage 4: Coaching Support

A 6 session fortnightly coaching program supports participants in the ongoing development of their CQ capability.

Stage 5: Free webinars

Any members of your organisation who have attended workshops or coaching has free access to Cultural Connexions’ webinar program.

In What Contexts is CQ useful

  • Creating high performing culturally diverse teams
  • Developing global leadership skills
  • Creating inclusive workplace culture
  • As preparation for working overseas
  • For developing the skills for working effectively with clients, partners and customers from specific cultural backgrounds. Cultural Connexions specialises in South Asia(India, Bangladesh), Latin America and East Asia(China, Japan, South Korea)
  • Enhancing the capability of managers, professionals and service providers to manage cultural diversity in positive ways.

Specific Programs

Creating culturally safe, inclusive and dynamic workplaces

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Surviving and Thriving Overseas

Preparing students, aid workers and managers going overseas to take up internships and professional positions overseas.

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Leading from the heart

Enhancing the capability of executives and managers to lead in a global marketplace.

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Australia Ready

Enhancing the capability of expatriates to adjust to the cultural challenges of life and work in Australia.

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South Asia Ready

Enhancing the capability of professionals and organisations to engage with clients and partners in South Asia.

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Latin America Ready

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 What people have said about the programs

The workshop was lively and very engaging. Phil adjusted material to the specific context and encouraged quieter workshop members to participate. He demonstrated a good use of different tools and facilitation methods. Ariane Lehman Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

The workshop was thought provoking, energetic, inspiring, interactive and insightful. The topics you discussed were things that are taken for granted and forgotten when preparing for overseas travel and I know the students would have been enlightened afterwards. – Siobhan Marcus UWS

Excellently conveyed was fun and involved. Knowledgeable, well prepared, let the group have input. – Participant Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Very relaxed relevant insightful experience-based training session. Great facilitation and extension of discussions. – Doctor GP Synergy

Inspiring. Thank you Phil. – General Practice Manager, Valley to Coast GP Training

Very practical. The most useful part was how to deal with difficult situations in the classroom. – Teacher, Macquarie Community Centre


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