Phil Voysey

Photo of Phil Voysey Cultural Connexions Co-director

Phil Voysey has over 30 years experience working in culturally diverse contexts in Australia, Zimbabwe, Canada, Peru and Bangladesh. He has worked as a manager of aid/development and educational programs, and as a teacher and trainer. Phil’s expertise is in developing new projects and delivering customised, innovative training programs that equip professionals to work effectively in culturally diverse contexts and with clients from other cultures.

Phil believes that cultural diversity is an asset that can be utilised to produce economic value and promote social, environmental and cultural sustainability. His objective as one of the founding Directors of Cultural ConneXions is to inspire enthusiasm for cultural diversity among clients and assist them to optimise its productive potential.

Phil is an accredited facilitator in the Cultural Detective method for developing global leadership and cultural competency skills. He has also done courses in leadership and partnership development, and is an experienced conference presenter, accredited storyteller and performer. Phil is highly proficient in Spanish and a member of the Australian-Latin American Business Council and NSW Business Chamber.

Phil has an MA in Journalism and Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education, a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is a qualified IELTS examiner.

Contact Phil on +61 2 457 999 987 or email