Beyond Us And Them (BEUT)

Beyond Us and Them Training (BEUT) Programs are designed to develop organisational, business and individual success on a foundation of healthy, productive working relationships, and inclusive and creative workplace cultures.

Training and coaching programs are developed in collaboration with you according to your organisational and individual needs.

Some areas of focus might include:

  • Investigating the personal narratives we hold that determine how we show up in the world and affect our ability to achieve our goals and get the best out of ourselves.
  • Exploring the unconscious biases that impact on our relationships, behaviour, decision making and our effectiveness as leaders, managers and professionals.
  • Developing empathy compassion and kindness in our personal and professional relationships.
  • Understanding the common humanity and psychology that unite us while acknowledging the cultural differences that can divide us and cause misunderstandings and conflict.
  • Developing cultural and emotional intelligence.
  • Creating a work culture and work teams that are culturally inclusive, that maximise the benefits of diversity while minimising the risks.
  • Developing knowledge, skills and strategies for working and communicating effectively across cultural divides, focusing on negotiation and conflict resolution strategies
  • Developing global leadership capabilities.

Specialty Workshops


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