Beyond Unconscious Bias

We often make judgements about people and situations that are beyond our conscious thought process.  Our unconscious biases affect our relationships and our decisions. With greater awareness of these biases within ourselves and those of clients, colleagues and partners we can build healthier more productive relationships, make better decisions and improve our work performance.  This workshop will explore the cognitive and cultural dimensions of bias and the strategies to minimise and overcome this bias, using insights from Neuroscience, Psychology and Buddhism.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Increased awareness of the dimensions of unconscious bias and how it affects work performance
  • Increased awareness of strategies to minimise the impact of unconscious bias
  • Increased capability to apply strategies to specific workplace contexts *
  • Recommendations for minimising the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace *


1 hour introductory presentation: $500
4 hour half day workshop: $1500
Full day workshop*: $2500

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, Managers, Professionals.

Recommended Follow Up:

  • After 6 months a half day workshop to evaluate changes in individual and organisational behaviour resulting from the workshop ($1500).
  • Personal/Professional Development Coaching(link to coaching page)

6 sessions @ $300 per session


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