Beyond Us and Them – 2 Day Retreat

This two day retreat in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney combines the essential elements of the other workshops into an intensive two day workshop. The retreat aims to build self knowledge and knowledge of others, developing strategies and skills for getting the best out of ourselves and bridging cultural divides.

Day 1 focuses on the understanding of Us, exploring the narratives that form our identities, the cultural and cognitive biases that impact on our relationships and decision making, and the strategies for building emotional intelligence.

Day 2 focuses on the understanding of Them, developing the knowledge of other cultures and the strategies and skills needed to adapt to different cultural contexts, whether in Australia or overseas. On Day 2 we apply these strategies and skills to specific work contexts or problems and explore what needs to change within your organisation to create a working environment that is inclusive of diversity and which maximises its benefits while minimising its risks.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Increased awareness of what drives behaviour in self and others
  • Increased ability to regulate and modify behaviour to suit different cultural contexts
  • Acquisition of strategies and skills for enhancing emotional and cultural intelligence
  • Increased capability to apply strategies and skills to specific work contexts or problems
  • A strategy for enhancing for creating a work culture that is more inclusive, engaging and productive.



Who Should Attend:

Leaders, Managers, Professionals, Customer Service staff

Recommended Follow Up:

  • After 6 months a half day workshop to evaluate changes in individual behaviour resulting from the workshop ($1500).
  • Personal/Professional Development Coaching(link to coaching page)

6 sessions @ $300 per session


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