Cultural Intelligence: Releasing the Power of Diversity

Success is a function of the diversity within an organization. But having diversity in your organisation is only an asset if you know how to tap its full potential. This workshop will introduce you to the importance of cultural intelligence in releasing the potential of diversity in your organisation. Prior to the workshop each participant completes a 360 Cultural Intelligence assessment.  The results are then debriefed in the workshop*. The report and workshop will assist participants to improve their cultural intelligence and become more effective in creating more effective teams, tapping the potential of diversity in both local and overseas markets and building success on the foundation of healthy, productive working relationships. 

*There is also the option of one on one debriefing sessions and coaching

Outcomes for Participants

  • Increased awareness of how culture impacts on performance
  • Increased knowledge of cultural similarities and differences
  • Increased understanding of how to enhance cultural intelligence
  • Increased capability to devise strategies to maximise the benefits of diversity while minimising the risks
  • Increased capability to apply these strategies to work contexts**
  • Recommendations for how to improve the collective CI of the organisation**


1 hour introductory presentation: $500
4 hour half day workshop: $1500
Full day workshop*: $2500

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, Managers, Professionals.

Recommended Follow Up:

  • After 6 months a half day workshop to evaluate changes in individual and organisational behaviour resulting from the workshop ($1500).
  • Personal/Professional Development Coaching(link to coaching page)

6 sessions @ $300 per session


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