Emotional Intelligence: Releasing the Talent Within

Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill in the modern workplace. To bring out the best in yourself and colleagues you need awareness of what drives behavior and the ability to regulate it. Increasing emotional intelligence contributes to healthy workplace relationships and cultures where engagement, creativity and job satisfaction are high. Prior to the workshop all participants complete a 360 emotional intelligence assessment and receive a report. The results are then debriefed in the workshop*. The report and workshop will assist participants to improve their emotional intelligence and become more effective in the workplace as communicators, problem solvers, decision makers, and in winning customers.

*There is also the option of one on one debriefing sessions and coaching

Outcomes for Participants

  • Increased awareness of what drives their own behaviour
  • Increased capability to regulate their own behaviour and recognise behavioural patterns in others
  • Increased capability to devise strategies to increase EI and become more effective in the workplace.
  • Increased capability to apply strategies to specific workplace contexts **
  • Recommendations for increasing the collective EI of the organisation**


1 hour introductory presentation: $500
4 hour half day workshop: $1500
Full day workshop*: $2500

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, Managers, Professionals

Recommended Follow Up:

  • After 6 months a half day workshop to evaluate changes in individual and organisational behaviour resulting from the workshop ($1500).
  • Personal/Professional Development Coaching(link to coaching page)

6 sessions @ $300 per session


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