Movies of the Mind

We make up stories about who we are. These stories become our identity and influence how we show up in the world. They shape our personalities, our behaviour, our choices and decisions. The question is: are our personal narratives serving our personal and professional development and goals or undermining them?  This workshop explores the narratives we tell about ourselves and looks at how we can change them to bring out the best in ourselves, using insights from Neuroscience, Psychology and Buddhism.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Increased understanding of how our minds work, how we make sense of our world and how we communicate
  • Understanding of our personal narrative and how this serves us and undermines us
  • Strategies for changing the narrative of our lives to bring out the best in ourselves
  • Increased capability to apply strategies to specific personal or work related contexts*


1 hour introductory presentation: $500
4 hour half day workshop: $1500
Full day workshop*: $2500

Who Should Attend:

Managers, Professionals, Leaders and anyone interested in their personal development

Optional Follow Up:

Personal/Professional Development Coaching

6 sessions @ $300 per session


Please tick the specialty workshop(s) you're interested in:

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