Happiness Coaching

Why coaching?

Why Coaching?

Being happy is a state of mind. Sometimes we unwittingly maintain patterns of thinking and being in the world that make happiness almost impossible to achieve and suffering our ongoing reality. We have an inner critic that tells us we aren’t good enough. We see our faults more than our strengths. We take criticism to heart. We personalise everything. We don’t cope well with uncertainty and adversity. We are disheartened by failure. Sometimes we don’t go after our dreams because we ‘know’ we’ll fail even before we start. We allow the weight of our past and worry about a future that might never eventuate to stop us being present and taking action on opportunities now.

Coaching helps to untangle these patterns and replace them with healthier ways of thinking and being in the world that make happiness possible and goals achievable.

What is the program?

A coaching program comprises an initial obligataion free consultation. You can then decide whether you would like to continue. You can have one coaching session but it is recommended you invest in a minimum of 4 sessions to achieve any substantial change.  We conduct sessions face to face if feasible or via Skype or ZOOM. In the first session, we get to know each other, discuss your goals, the specific challenges you are facing and agree on the focus of the program. Each subsequent session explores a particular  challenge you are facing, and focuses on developing your capability to meet this challenge in positive ways. In the final session, we review the new competencies you have developed and decide whether further coaching would be beneficial.

What can you expect to gain?

Depending on your needs, the program will help you to develop in the following areas:

  • Achieve clarity around personal and work goals;
  • Learn how to run your own mind rather than have it run you;
  • Enjoy healthy relationships in your personal and working life;
  • Live with purpose, passion and joy;
  • Meet life’s challenges with calmness and equanimity;
  • Live with compassion towards yourself and others

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone committed to making changes in their life.
  • Anyone wanting happiness.


  • Free initial consultation
  • $150 for one session
  • $480 for 4 sessions

Find out more

To book or for more information about coaching, contact Phil Voysey using the form below or phone +61 2 457 999 987.