Professional Coaching (Coaching Across Cultures)

What is the Program?

This program develops your capability to work effectively with clients, partners and colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.

A coaching program comprises six one hour coaching sessions, conducted face to face or via Skype or ZOOM. In the first session, we get to know each other, discuss your goals, the specific challenges you are facing and agree on the focus of the program. Each subsequent session explores a particular work related challenge you are facing, and focuses on developing your capability to meet this challenge in positive ways. In the final session, we review the new competencies you have developed and decide whether further coaching would be beneficial.

What do you gain?

This depends on the challenges you bring to each session but you can expect to enhance your knowledge and skills in some or all of the following areas:

  • Understanding your unconscious bias and how this shapes your work practices: the way you lead and manage, your decision making, your relationships, the way you process information
  • Understanding the cultural behaviours of colleagues, partners and clients and learning to manage these effectively;
  • Understanding the challenges of working in a different overseas cultural environment and developing strategies for adapting;
  • Building effective cross cultural working relationships;
  • Developing adaptable leadership and communication skills;
  • Resolving conflict and negotiating outcomes;
  • Getting the best out of culturally diverse teams.

Who’s it for?

Leaders, managers and professionals working in culturally diverse contexts.

Find out more

To book or for more information about coaching, contact Phil Voysey using the form below or phone +61 2 457 999 987.