Professional Coaching

What is the Program?

This program aims to enhance your capability to work effectively with clients, partners and colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds and in diverse contexts. We focus on developing your emotional and cultural intelligence. People who have high EQ and CQ make better leaders and managers. They have superior interpersonal, decision making, negotiation and stress management skills. They work more productively with people from diverse backgrounds and in diverse cultural contexts, and generate more creative solutions to complex problems. People with high EQ and CQ are beneficial for an organisation and beneficial for the bottom line.

How We Work

A coaching program comprises six one hour coaching sessions, conducted via Skype or ZOOM. We have an initial conversation to determine your goals and the particular challenges you are facing. We use an appropriate assessment tool as a starting point for a more in depth conversation and to develop a plan of action. Each subsequent session explores a particular work related challenge you are facing, and focuses on developing your capability to meet this challenge in positive ways. In the final session, we review the new competencies you have developed and decide whether further coaching would be beneficial.

The Assessment Tools

The EQi 2.0 assesses your Emotional Intelligence capabilities.
The CQ Pro assesses your Cultural Intelligence capabilities.

Sample Reports:
EQi 2.0
CQ Pro

There are also 360 assessments that incorporate the perspectives of colleagues, group reports and assessments on leadership capability.

Find out more

To book or for more information about coaching, contact Phil Voysey using the form below or phone +61 2 457 999 987.