Business and Community Partnerships

In a culturally diverse world developing effective partnerships at a business or community level requires cultural intelligence: the ability to both understand different cultural, social, economic and environmental contexts and work effectively with people from culturally diverse backgrounds to build partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

We believe that companies should promote healthy communities that are economically and socially viable. This not only produces tangible benefits to the community, but also enhances the reputation of the company as a responsible corporate citizen, while creating a stable and productive workforce to promote its economic interests.

We have particular expertise in dealing with partners from Chinese, Indian and Latin American backgrounds.

Our Services

We assist you in the process of engaging business and community partners, utilising a culturally intelligent approach. Our services include:

  • the development of partnership and community engagement strategies;
  • aligning organizational values and interests with those of partners;
  • developing culturally appropriate communication strategies;
  • in country community engagement and project management;
  • design and implementation of CSR initiatives.


For a free consultation or for more information contact Phil Voysey: