CQ Strategic Facilitation and Integral Solutions

CQ Strategic Facilitation

We work with you to incorporate cultural intelligence into a broader strategic planning framework.


Strategic planning often begins with a CQ audit to identify whether your organization and staff are best equipped to maximize the opportunities of a culturally diverse market place. A cultural audit asks the following questions:

  • To what degree do the practices, policies and marketing messages of the organization reflect a culturally intelligent approach?
  • Does the development and delivery of services/product reflect a culturally intelligent approach?flowchart-1
  • What cultures are represented in the organization? What cultures are underrepresented?
  • To what degree do you have diverse representation from various cultures on your teams, and how have you equipped teams to engage with that diversity?
  • To what degree do the leaders value, demonstrate and promote culturally intelligent behavior?
  • How does the organization consider CQ when hiring and promoting individuals?

The audit identifies the key measures your organization needs to undertake to be better equipped for the global marketplace.

Integral Solutions Facilitation

 Whatever complex issues you are facing in your organisation we can help you to work through them in a systematic way. We use an Integral Solutions Framework applying different levels of thinking to explore issues from multiple perspectives: Personal, Cultural, Objective and Social.

Integral Solutions Framework


The results are solutions that:

  • are inclusive of cultural diversity, harnessing the creative potential of diversity;
  • improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization;
  • are sustainable.


For a free consultation or for more information contact Phil Voysey: phil@culturalconnexions.org