Cultural and Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence + Cultural Intelligence = Increasing performance and minimising risk

Why CI Is Essential

  • 90% of leading executives from 68 countries identified cross cultural leadership as the top management priority for the next century – Economist Intelligence Unit 2006
  • 42% of managers fail in their overseas assignments with a lack of cultural intelligence being an important factor – Right Management 2015
  • 70% of international ventures fail because of cultural differences with a lack of cultural intelligence being an important factor – International Joint Ventures – Aimin Yang and Yadong Luo – 2000
  • A survey of British Council Human Resource employees in 9 countries found that a lack of cultural competency within an organization can lead to miscommunication and conflict with partners and among staff, contribute to high staff turnover, damage an organisation’s reputation and lead to project mistakes.

Training and Coaching Outcomes

Training and Coaching programs use insights from the emotional and cultural intelligence fields to enhance the capability of leaders, managers, professionals and service providers to work productively within a global, culturally diverse context in Australia and overseas. Programs are customized to your specific needs, timeframes and budgets and can produce the following outcomes:

  • Leadership that is agile and effective in a global context
  • Decision making and problem solving that is efficient and effective in utilising the benefits of diversity
  • High performing teams that effectively leverage the opportunity of diversity
  • Community engagement processes that are culturally appropriate
  • Clear and effective communication with all stakeholders
  • More productive working relationships at all levels within the organisation.
  • More engaged staff, less absenteeism and higher staff retention
  • Better customer service and fewer customer complaints
  • Less risk to occupational health and safety
  • communication

Building a Relationship

One off workshops can raise awareness but are unlikely to produce substantial behavioural change. Through coaching, advisory services and information webinars we aim to build a relationship of trust and support that is ongoing.

 A chart showing the flow of CI Training


Areas of Specialisation


What people have said about the programs

The workshop was lively and very engaging. Phil adjusted material to the specific context and encouraged quieter workshop members to participate. He demonstrated a good use of different tools and facilitation methods. – Ariane Lehman Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

The workshop was thought provoking, energetic, inspiring, interactive and insightful. The topics you discussed were things that are taken for granted and forgotten when preparing for overseas travel and I know the students would have been enlightened afterwards. – Siobhan Marcus UWS

Excellently conveyed was fun and involved. Knowledgeable, well prepared, let the group have input. – Participant Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Very relaxed relevant insightful experience-based training session. Great facilitation and extension of discussions. – Doctor GP Synergy

Inspiring. Thank you Phil. – General Practice Manager, Valley to Coast GP Training

Very practical. The most useful part was how to deal with difficult situations in the classroom. – Teacher, Macquarie Community Centre


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