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Transformations in Community: Volunteering for personal and professional development

Transformations in Community offers you the opportunity to volunteer your skills, contributing to the well being of communities in Bangladesh and Peru while enhancing your professional skills. You will be working alongside local people on projects that promote social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Bangladesh village

The Program

In Bangladesh we work with the Centre for Climate Change and Culture based in Chittagong. You will be working alongside local villagers under the supervision of a local NGO on projects prioritized by the community.

Duration: 2 weeks (longer stays and internships can be arranged on request)

Dates: April (2015), January, February, April (2016)

Cost: April $2600 (Air-conditioned hotel – necessary at this time of the year), January, February $1990 (Non air-conditioned guesthouse)


Peru Epaphania
In Peru we have short term and long term volunteering projects.

Short Term

Location: Chaywatire, a remote Andean village at 3,900 metres in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The Program

You will be living with a local family and working alongside them on projects prioritised by the community. These will be projects designed to mitigate the impacts of climate change and tackle the broader causes of poverty. Depending on the time of year these may include:

  • sustainable agriculture projects;
  • water and alternative technology projects;
  • road and housing repairs and construction;
  • small business activities;

Duration: 3-10 days

Cost: Contact us for details

Long Term

If you want a more challenging, longer term volunteer experience think about the following:


Peru manu volunteers
Manu is 13 hours from Cusco in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. At Manu you get to live in the jungle and work on environmental projects alongside scientific experts.

The Program

Projects include:

  • conservation research
  • sustainable initiatives with local communities
  • capacity building – training and skills development with local communities

Minimum stay: 4 weeks

Spanish not required

Cost: US$2,100

Sacred Valley

Although many tourists visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas every year, many local communities do not benefit from this. The volunteering project gives you the chance to help local communities develop small business enterprises so that they can benefit directly from tourism and increase their overall well being.

The Program

Projects include:

  • the Women’s Artisanal Cooperatives Program
  • the Community Education Program
  • the Sustainable Tourism Program
  • Communications, Marketing, Social Media and Photography
  • English teaching

Minimum stay: 3 months

Basic Spanish required – Classes and homestays available

Cost: 3 months – US$2270, 6 months – US$3780

Costings for all volunteer projects do not include airfares and personal expenses.

Optional Travel Packages

Bangladesh ferry
To complement your volunteer experience we can suggest a travel itinerary and help you to organize this, or if you prefer we can offer you the following packages:

In Bangladesh

  • A cruise down the Jamuna River to the Sundarbarns Mangrove Forest, the home of the Bengal tiger.

In Peru

  • 3-5 day treks or train trips to Machu Picchu
  • City tours of Cusco and surrounding Inca sites
  • Sacred Valley tours

Find out more

For more information about volunteering and travel packages please contact Phil Voysey at phil@culturalconnexions.org.