The Possibility of Us Project(PUP)

If we begrudge the younger generation

its enthusiasms or its dreams

it will only make us miserable.

Let us instead encourage their dreams,

support them with our wisdom,

and bless them with our prayers.

It is only fitting that the young inherit the world.

So did we.  

The Sage’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for the Second Half of  Life – William Martin  


The world is of increasing complexity, culturally diverse, changing rapidly and interdependent. Although the future is yet to be imagined, we do know that we are facing several existential crises:

  • climate change threatening the survival of the planet
  • socio-political fragmentation threatening the cohesion of our societies and global community
  • accelerating workplace changes
  • the challenge of AI and IR4.0

Overriding these crises is the seeming inability of our leaders and decision makers to rise above partisan politics, and national and corporate self-interest, beyond an US and THEM mentality.

At the same time, we have learnt much from the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the importance of:

  • collaboration rather than competition; the individual acting in a way which shows commitment to a greater good. The emergence of the ‘we factor’ is undeniably one of the key ingredients of successful management. Those communities that are driven by ‘toxic individualism’ fared much worse than those communities where citizens actively supported actions for community good
  • intrinsic motivation as more sustaining than extrinsic motivation; engagement increases commitment and drive; grit and resilience enable sustained effort

Our responsibility as educators is to equip future citizens and leaders with the capability to rise above crude and increasingly obsolete dualisms— Us v Them, Economy v Environment, Individual v Collective, Pragmatism v Morality, Politics v Spiritualty— to meet the challenges of today and the future with wisdom and courage, with an enlightened, integrated sense of the common good. 


PUP  is a bespoke learning and leadership development program that supports educational institutions—schools, universities and colleges—to meet their goals. PUP puts education and educational providers at the centre of creating cohesive, inclusive and healthy communities, hence focusses development on the capabilities of students, teachers, leaders and parents to be more engaged and effective citizens and community leaders. Particular emphasis is given to personal development and the ability to develop healthy relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.


  • recognises that all educational institutions are unique and so adopts a process driven approach. Programs are developed in consultation with school/university/college leaders and in accordance with school development plans and unit learning outcomes, using data where appropriate, to drive the development  of programs. 
  • utilises the 21st Century Skills framework in which 16 skills are grouped around:
  • Foundational Literacies: Literacy, Numeracy, Scientific, ICT, Financial, Social & Cultural
  • Competencies: Critical thinking /problem solving, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration. We would add entrepreneurship to this list of competencies
  • Character: Curiosity, Initiative, Persistence/grit, Adaptability, Leadership, Social & Cultural acceptance.
  • utilises research and blends perspectives from a range of orientations and disciplines including Linda Hill’s work on organizations and change, Fullan’s work on educational leadership and Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.
  • provides a suite of different approaches and tools for clients to choose from


  • Healthy and Respectful Relationships mindfulness-based emotional intelligence learning program for schools, colleges and universities
  • Awakening Excellence leadership program for school and corporate leaders
  • Life Design Coaching for people in a transition stage of their lives or wanting change? Wondering is this it or what next?Helping you to find purpose, happiness and get the best out of yourself.
  • Mindfulness Program – for schools and organisations


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